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Prove how big of a player you are with the new "Club Elite" Loyalty Program. Advance from being just a "Crush" all the way to becoming the ultimate "Casanova". Simply use our service and our many features to collect points and rise in ranks of the "Club Elite".

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enjoy Amsterdamlivexxx

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Fai quello che sai fare meglio

Simply enjoy Amsterdamlivexxx the same way you always do to get points. Take models to Private, send them surprises and messages, take snapshots, go for sneak peeks, the list goes on and on. Just doing what you do anyway will net you points in the Loyalty Program and propel you forward in the ranks.

Scala i livelli

See your progress in real-time as you grow from being a Crush into the ultimate Casanova. Watch as people's admiration and respect grow for you as your rank grows. Obviously, models simply love Casanovas!

Goditi i benefici

A big-time member deserves special treatment, and boy, will you get it! See models' faces light up when you enter the room and hear their voice slightly tremble when purring your name. We will also be introducing a wealth of benefits to the loyalty system in the near future, both prestige and monetary to make your Amsterdamlivexxx experience as rewarding as possible.

Rimani in cima

It's not easy being the best, everyone wants your spot! Make sure you stay on top by coming back to spoil your favorites again and again, because a true gentleman doesn't hit and quit; a real man stays and plays. Trust us, once you taste Amsterdamlivexxx fame, you won't want to live without it!


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What are the ranks?

Gli ammiratori di Amsterdamlivexxx sono molti e tutti vogliono il primo posto. Per distinguerti dalla folla, dovrai salire di livello e passare dall'essere un Crush a diventare l'impareggiabile Casanova! Sentirai il tuo orgoglio gonfiarsi mentre l'ammirazione delle modelle crescerà per te e la gelosia degli altri aumenterà mentre scalerai i livelli. Una volta raggiunto un nuovo livello, lo manterrai fino ad un massimo di 60 giorni, a meno che tu non rimanga attivo, in tal caso potrai mantenere il tuo livello ad oltranza.

  • Crush - Who’s that? Wherever you go, people’s hearts skip a beat.
  • Lover - You know what people want. Everyone whispers about you as you walk past.
  • Sweetheart - You make your lovers’ hearts melt. Wherever you are, cuties keep winking and smiling at you.
  • Lancelot - You are the knight in shining armor that people desire. Good luck trying to keep all your admirers off your back.
  • Romeo - Oh Romeo, how hot art thou, Romeo? Everyone dreams of you, so you are prepared for a lot of attention.
  • Casanova - The ultimate sensual seducer! People throw themselves at your feet and you get to pick and choose who you want. There really is no getting better than this!

Scala i livelli guadagnando punti

You will earn points after each credit you spend. Doesn't matter if you like Private Chats, Video Calls, or sending Surprises, every single credit you spend is another point you get. Your rank multiplier affects these points too, so the higher your rank, the faster you accumulate points. To move up in the ranks, you will need to reach a set amount of points, unique to each rank. Your level points reset every month, and to keep your current rank, you will need to reach the related point limit, but it will be much easier the second time around due to your rank multiplier. Any points that you earned towards the next achievable position are not lost when your points reset however, they "roll over" to the next month, making it that much simpler for you to reach your current rank or even surpass it!

What is the rank multiplier and how does it work?

Ad ogni livello corrisponde un moltiplicatore. Questo influenza i punti che raccogli: come hai letto in precedenza, ogni singolo credito che spendi equivale ad 1 punto, ma è qui che entra in gioco il tuo moltiplicatore! Ogni punto raccolto viene moltiplicato per il moltiplicatore corrispondente al tuo livello. Quindi più è alto il tuo livello, più velocemente accumuli punti!

Maintain your rank by staying active

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems! Based on your rank, your level points will decay over time. Just like everything in life, nothing is static, so you need to be active to keep your aspired position. Remember, everyone wants your spot, so work to keep it! Thankfully, it is much easier keeping ranks than climbing them thanks to the rank multipliers. If, however, you do not reach the point limit to keep your status, your position will change to the previous rank.